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May 18, 2010

How to download video?

Hi all,

I'm going to explain how to download videos from websites.

Here i'm giving an easy method,Go to .

The page will be looking like this,

Then Click Download FREE RealPlayer SP

an exe file you have to download to your computer. Then install that software,
when clicking that exe file,

In this below is important, which is useful for downloading the videos.

then click continue and finish the process...

At the end of process, it will ask to register there. register with your email id and choose the basic version. its enough for downloading and free to use.

then close the web browser which you are using, it may be internet explorer,opera,etc.

Then reopen it,
here i'm providing a simple example

When you start to watch the video, at the top of that video you can see the download this video link.

you can click that link and download the videos.

Dec 5, 2009

How to get addthis button for your blog or website?

Our blog would be looking much better,if our posts are able to share and bookmark.For this,i would suggest

To get this button,just go to,and the webpage would be looking like the above image.
1. Select your service whether its a website,blogger,wordpress,typepad...or...
2. Select a button style.
3. If you want analytics,then select yes.
4. Click Get Your Button.

If you need to create with more options, then click more options as you see in the below image,

Then your webpage will be looking like this,

Here you can see more options.

You can see options for bookmark,sharing buttons and rss feed buttons.

Select what you want and get the code,if you need to track your performance then free sign-in required,otherwise simply get the code.

Here you can see how bookmark and sharing button is working in my blog ammupappa.You need to keep your code just below the post.

Here you can see the Subscribe RSS feed button,

If you are still having doubts in getting addthis button, provides very good help in their website,just click here help.

Where to get 'you might also like' link for your blog?

You can see some blogs with You might also like link at the bottom of each post of the blog. Its very easy to set in your blog. you can see how it looks cute in my blog itself.Just for a glance,See below this post.
I used 'you might alos like' link from a website
Or you can see the image which i copied from one of my other blogs Ammupappa.

For this blog,i selected 4 stories while creating the widget, so you can see 4 related links at the bottom of the post.
If you want to have 'you might also like' link in your blog (blogger,wordpress,Typepad..)go to you need to give a very little information such as your email id, your blog platform and then width(you need 3,4 or 5 links),then by clicking Get Widget,your code is ready to put in your blog.

Advantages of having YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE link in your blog:

1. It gives the link for related content.

2. So it makes your visitors to automatically visits other related posts in your blog.

3. This creates your visitors to stay long in your blog.

4. Increases your traffic.

5. No sign-up needed and very cute to look with ad-free.

Note: If  posts in your blog doesnt have an image or a video, only the links will be displayed.

Bidvertiser - Monetize your Blog or website

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Their payouts in Referral Program is also really very good.When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, thay will credit your account with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.

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Adbrite Ads - Monetize your blog or website

Adbrite is one of the best adsense alternatives. You can set your own ad rates or keep it as default.
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ads can be in your website even if you have google ads,but you have to maintain a different look and feel. The minimum payout is 20$.
The entry level bloggers or webmasters can opt adbrite.

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